Based in Marbella, we specialize in offering you award winning photographic and audiovisual services on the Costa del Sol for any platform (Print, Digitial Content, Broadcast, Web, with a professional crew who have been working in the industry for years with some of the most prestigious clients around the globe.

We can help you creatively, to conceive, storyboard and deliver the visuals you need to make an impact for your brand, organize the pre-production aspects of your shoot, deal with the logistics of the production and finish your product to the highest quality in our post production studio, we have it all covered.

From photo and video shoots on set or on location, Local Professional Crew, Image Editing, Video Editing, Colour Correction, 3D, Visual Effects and 2D Compositing, Motion Graphics, Voice Overs, Professional Talent and Studio and Equipment Hire, (one of the largest backdrops on the Costa del Sol) you can count on us to get the job done to the professional quality standards needed nowadays in this constantly evolving industry.

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Studio Rental

If you’re looking for a big (and we mean big) backdrop for your indoor photography session on the Costa del Sol Silver Snow Studios has the perfect answer.
Our comprehensive studio rental package provides everything you need conveniently housed in one location:

• Giant backdrop – at 4.8m high by 6m wide and 6m long, this is one of the largest backdrops in the area. This large palette offers exceptional photographic opportunities.

• Any colour – our backdrop is white, but it can be painted to the colour that suits your photographic session. Just let us know in advance.

• Dressing room – our studio rental includes the use of our generously-sized dressing room with all you need for your indoor photographic or video session: facilities for make-up and hairdressing and wardrobes for clothes and equipment.

• Extras – our studio rental also offers a kitchen and restroom plus office equipment such as printer and wifi in an air-conditioned environment.

• Equipment hire – as one of the leading studios for photography and video services on the Costa del Sol, we offer a wide range of professional equipment for hire including cameras, lenses and lighting.

Contact us now to find out more about rates and availability of our fully-inclusive studio rental service. 



Kristina Norikovaite

Production and PR

From her professional make-up artist’s palette Kristina brings the perfect touch of creativity to Silver Snow productions and public relations. She was brought up in Dubai, but hails from the northern climes of Lithuania. This explains why she’s the tallest member of our team (and probably in southern Spain).

Saud Rifat


From his first Polaroid in 1983 to the National Lux Award 20 years later, Saud Rifat’s journey has taken him to photographic perfection. Specializing in fashion shoots and with an eagle’s eye for detail, Saud aims to bring a creative twist to everything in daily life. When he’s not creating magic behind the lens, he’s busy with his 101 hobbies, mostly sport and on land and sea. Oh, and he also spent 18 years saving lives with the Red Cross.

Jose Antonio


Jose Antonio has always been obsessed with gadgets, especially flying ones so it’s no surprise to find that drone is Jose Antonio’s middle name. He flies them, builds them and even modifies them. And his passion for flight goes to getting absolutely anything up in the air. At this rate he’ll be the first to make pigs fly.

Kevin Ortiz Sánchez

Video editor & Camera operator

Lots of people mistake Kevin for Harry Potter and although he isn’t the Hogwarts wizard, he can work real magic on video. He was almost born with a camera to his eye and there’s nothing he likes more than dreaming up new ways of bringing creative life to images. Well, that and sharing a beer with his best friends.

Alejandro Valderas

Camera Operator

Alejandro is imagery personified. His films and video have a clear aesthetic vision with a fresh urban style loved by clients such as Nike, L’Oreal and Pepe Jeans. His nickname is Cristo (Christ) – something to do with the hair and his super calming energy. We think he might even be Jesus Christ himself because he certainly works miracles at Silver Snow.


Star of the Show

A real pug character and a true team player, Barney just has to be in the middle of the action. Whether we’re filming or taking a photo shoot he’s out there on set doing his best to be the one everyone’s looking at.

Eliot Rivero

Visual FX & Motion Graphics

Eliot can literally do anything with visual effects in video and we mean anything. From making impossible objects appear on video to bringing the still to life, Eliot can make it happen. His calm approach to problems means he can think outside the box to find the quickest solution and tell the best story. When he’s not creating visual effects on video, you can find Eliot in the fast lane on a skate or snowboard, or teeing off on the green.

Al Colinas

Online Marketing & Design

Al is the one person Steve McQueen'd let to drive his car and the only one who'd be up to the task. From his cave, he races each proyect with the most outstanding multinacional companies in the trade, gettin the greatest visibility in every search engines worldwide. Trustworthy, commited, ellegant... In one word, cool! On screen and on pitch where he’s amateur football’s most lethal right-winger.

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